Microdosing with Mescaline

Microdosing with Mescaline
Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology; Maastricht University
ERCPN code: 215_06_11_2019

The University of Maastricht has started a study regarding the effects of mescaline (found in cacti like San Pedro) microdosing on mental wellbeing and memory. For this study we seek males and females who intend to start microdosing with mescaline on their own initiative. The study is conducted online. Before starting to microdose we ask you to fill in some questionnaires about your wellbeing, and perform a computerized memory task on your laptop or computer. On the days you microdose, you are asked to keep track of your experience in an online diary with questionnaires using an app on your phone. At the end of a 4 week period of microdosing (or when you decide to stop) we ask you to fill in some questionnaires, and perform the memory task again. You will not receive any remuneration of reward for participation. In case you want to participate, or would like more information and contact details, please follow this link:


Please note that this part requires a laptop or computer, with a connected keyboard.