Internship opportunities are available for students enrolled in either internal or external masters programs. Potential internship opportunities will be listed here, but are not comprehensive.

Current potential internship opportunities include:

Ritalin and suggestibility

We are looking for a Master student who is interested in a research project as part of your Master degree. The aim of our study is to investigate whether suggestibility can mediate the effects of methylphenidate (Ritalin). We will test the cognitive performance of participants on a cognitive test battery and we will measure EEG during these tasks. The study will take about 6 months but a shorter period is possible.

For further information you can contact Arjan Blokland:


Cannabis field study

We are offering a research intern position for a master student who is interested in the therapeutic effects of cannabis. We will conduct a field study in which we will study impulsivity in cannabis users. Specific activities consist of contacting coffee shops, recruiting participants, collecting data by means of questionnaires and neurocognitive tasks, data management, analyzing data in SPSS and writing your thesis. We are looking for a motivated student, who has good communicative skills and works precisely. The study is planned to take place between February and August 2020.

Please contact for more information.