Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo 2022

Dr. Kim Kuypers will be speaking at the Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo 2022 in Chicago on Monday July 25. Her talk will focus on the effects of psychedelics in full hallucinogenic doses and microdoses on human cognitive performance, empathy and wellbeing: implications for therapeutic applications.

The session will consist of three speakers exploring the expanding clinical research into the applications of psychedelics for the treatment of mental health conditions and the impact it will have on the laboratory. The first speaker, Dr. Steven Cotton, will detail the emerging business and patent landscape of companies researching psychedelic derivatives. The second speaker, Dr. Frederick Strathmann, will address how this will require laboratories to rethink their approach to conventional drugs of abuse testing. The third speaker, Dr. Kim Kuypers, will discuss their ongoing clinical research into the use of various psychedelic compounds in placebo-controlled clinical trials. Time will be allotted for an open forum discussion between audience attendees and speakers.

Click the link for an overview of the full scientific session.

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