Multifaceted Research with Psychedelics @ Maastricht University

We conduct a large variety of studies, all aimed at better understanding psychedelic mechanisms of action, and their clinical applications. To get a glimpse at some of the different aspects of our research, check out the video from our recent symposium, where our PhD candidates share some of the work going on at our department.

Eline Haijen presents our work exploring how and why people use psychedelics, and what they experience.

Pablo Mallaroni shares an example of our work assesing whether psychedelics alter important neurotransmitters in the human brain.

Nadia Hutten discusses one of our studies investigating possible biological mechanisms of therapeutic effect.

Johannes Reckweg shares one of our recent clinical trials, investigating 5-MeO-DMT for treatment-resistant depression.

and finally Mauro Cavarra wraps up the presentation with findings from his recent review, summarizing the therapeutic frameworks that have been utilized in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

The symposium was hosted in collaboration with UniMIND and the Mind Foundation, with support from the University Fund Limburg.

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