Metabolomics and integrated network analysis reveal roles of endocannabinoids and large neutral amino acid balance in the ayahuasca experience

What is the metabolomic fingerprint of the ayahuasca experience? In a recent study, we collected plasma samples from 23 volunteers both before and during the ayahuasca experience. Samples were screened for concentrations of 164 targeted biomarkers, including endocannabinoids, markers of amino acid metabolism, steroids, ceramindes, etc.

What did this fingerprint look like? Changes in serotonin metabolism, endocannabinoid levels, and dysregulation of amino acid balance.

And how did these chemical concentrations relate to the ayahuasca experience? Levels of tryptophan (associated with serotonin) and tyrosine (associated with dopamine) differentially correlated with subjective effects.

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