Summer course Psychedelic Medicine 2.0

@PIM will organize a summer course on psychedelics on July 1-3 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The course Psychedelic Medicine 2.0 (PM 2.0) is designed around the four large classes of psychedelics and will provide an update about the field of psychedelic medicine based on preclinical and clinical work conducted by researchers worldwide.  Participants will be stimulated to think about the pros and cons of psychedelics in the treatment of disorders (such as depression, addiction and PTSD) and they will be able to discuss this with the experts at various moments during the workshop.Keynotes will focus around general topics linked to PM 2.0 like neuro-ethics, legal position of psychedelics and show the perspective from from the drug development side.

For more information and registration go to our website: here



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